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Frank Massarella
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Frank’s love of pottery and sculpture began in a high school ceramics class. Later, while working toward his Bachelors of Art degree, he attended workshops and classes in ceramics, sculpture and glassblowing at UCLA and Santa Barbara City College. He experimented with a career in make-up artistry for the motion picture industry and various other paths apart from ceramics. All roads led back to the world of pottery.

In 1970, Frank began serving a six-year apprenticeship with Master Ceramist John Schulps in Calabasas, CA. During the next six years, he would become deft in all aspects of production pottery from wedging, throwing, glazing, and decorating to loading and firing the kilns.
Massarella stays abreast of cutting edge techniques by annually attending workshops and symposiums. He is continually experimenting with new techniques, glazes and forms, resulting in an ever-evolving unique and creative style.

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